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A Riverview Junior High teacher and a payroll manager by day…are indie-rockers by night

Feb 09, 2024 12:42PM ● By Ella Joy Olsen

Bri McCall and Danny Patiño, have combined their musical skills into a band they call The Alpines. They’ll perform locally in Midvale on Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. (Photo courtesy The Alpines)

Two Murrayites, Bri McCall and Danny Patiño, have combined their musical skills into a band they call The Alpines. Blending influences of Americana, psychedelic, dance, folk, synth and indie, the band’s first album, "Heading North" tells the story of four weary travelers finding a new home in a post-apocalyptic backdrop. One of their fans describes them as sounding like “a mix between Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd,” with unique guitar work, clear vocals and a haunting (yet easy to listen to) vibe.

McCall is the lead singer, but she is also a Special Education teacher at Riverview Junior High. She loves living in Murray because of the small town feel of the community and the supportive environment of the Murray School District. “On nice days I love being able to bike everywhere, including to work, but I also feel like I’m close to downtown,” she said. 

A bit of an adventurer, McCall grew up in Moscow, Idaho then went to college at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. Summers she spent traveling, one in Michigan one in Nashville, and then a year in Nice, France. Before returning to the Midwest, she hiked the Appalachian Trail, an experience that influenced the narrative of their “Heading North” album.

While she walked she listened to a post-apocalyptic book called “One Second After.” It was powerful because she was a lone backpacker with “only three days of food on my back and nothing better to do than think about the audiobook in my ears.”

The journey through troubled times is apparent in the concept of the album, and McCall loves the storytelling aspect. “Lyrics have always been the most important part of my songwriting. I like to make story narratives and almost create a book inside my head when I write,” she said. 

Speaking of stories of an apocalyptic journey, bandmate Patiño is currently reading “The Stand” by Stephen King. But his contribution to the feel of the album may come from his love of films. “I watch every Tarantino movie once a year and I literally cannot watch a Kubrick film with anyone who is not also actively watching the movie.” 

Patiño’s musical start included Flamenco guitar, a style that differentiates him from his peers as it developed his dexterity with his right hand. Despite the exotic musical start, he’s a “bonafide local,” growing up in Layton and attending Weber State University. 

So, for something cool to do on a cold night, support your local artists. The Alpines will be at The Pearl on Main (7711 S. Main St. in Midvale) on Feb. 17, at 7 p.m. It’s an all-age venue Their full concert schedule and links to the album can be found at their website λ