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Midvale Journal

Skate with the Mayor brings youth together for a wheely fun day

Nov 07, 2023 12:07PM ● By Peri Kinder

Midvale Mayor Marcus Stevenson joins members of Utah Skatepark Advocacy during the Skate with the Mayor event held on Oct. 7. The advocacy group supports Utah communities in expanding access to quality and safe skateparks. (Photo courtesy of Midvale City)

In a fusion of civic engagement and youth recreation, the annual Skate with the Mayor event was held Oct. 7 at the Copperview Recreation Center Skate Park (8446 Harrison St.), inviting skateboarders of all ages to skate with Midvale Mayor Marcus Stevenson. 

While the event demonstrates the mayor’s commitment to youth empowerment within the city, it also acknowledges the challenges facing today’s youth and celebrates their resilience, energy and hope for the future.

“Midvale has many kids that need extra support and positive social interactions,” Stevenson said. “Skateboarding offers an inclusive and supportive community for struggling kids, primarily because it’s a low-barrier sport that doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender or socioeconomic background.”

The groups Pushing Ahead and Chill Foundation provided free skate instruction for new boarders while experienced skaters competed in the best trick contest. 

Through a donation from the Salt Lake County Health Department and Home Skate, 25 new skateboards were given away to Midvale students who were selected by teachers, counselors and principals for demonstrating courage while facing challenges and being good role models. 

KTR Midvale, an indoor sports playground, and Utah Skatepark Advocacy, an organization that helps communities create safe, quality skateparks, were also represented at the event. 

“Unlike many traditional sports that require expensive equipment, specialized facilities or formal coaching, skateboarding simply requires a skateboard and a hard surface, which can be found in any neighborhood,” Stevenson said. “Kids from any background can easily access the sport, creating a sense of belonging, community and empowerment.”λ