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Midvale residents learn about upcoming Main Street revisions in tour

Oct 12, 2023 12:06PM ● By Annabelle Larsen

This past month Midvale residents had the opportunity to meet with city officials and the mayor to discuss the upcoming renovations to Midvale Main Street. Main Street has been a staple of the city for over 50 years, including a mix of historic and modern buildings ranging from the Pearl on Main that has been a part of Main Street since the beginning, to Vincent Drug that has been in such films as “The Sandlot” and “Halloween 4,” up to the current City Hall building on the far north side. 

Those curious about the future of Main Street had the chance to walk and talk with city officials and to be able to see and envision the changes that are in the works for Main.

Over the past several decades, Main Street has undergone a lot of changes, one large change coming from the installation of I-15, that led to the decline of visitors and overall traffic to Main Street. Under the current mayor though, Midvale residents can expect a new and exciting refurbishment to the historic street.

The new revisions were described by city officials as a, “chicken and egg scenario,” where there are quite a few things to accomplish and just deciding what gets done first. Some upcoming revisions in the works are the removal of on-street parking and creating parking garages that would allow for ample parking. Another revision would be amplifying the arts across Main Street. The murals in this area are a starting point for this adjustment, but it may just be the beginning for Midvale artists. 

Nate Rockwood, the assistant city manager, stated, “There is a big focus on how to revitalize Main Street.” Rockwood went on to say, “We want it to be a place where artists can thrive.”

Also in attendance was Bill Miller, president of the Midvale Historic Society and Midvale Museum. He discussed the history behind many of the buildings on Main Street, including The Pearl on Main, that, “has been there since the beginning.” He also talked about the history of Vincent Drug and the media presence that has amplified the drug store into a notable location. 

Much of the funding for the revitalization of Main Street would come from within Midvale Main. As of 2022, and for the next 22 years, an agreement has been made that the property taxes from Main Street would go back into funding the revamp of the historic street.

Many adjustments toward this project are to help make the street more accessible to pedestrians and bikers, including possible raised crosswalks to make pedestrians more visible to drivers and to also slow the flow of traffic through the road. Some aesthetic changes would be to include overhanging lights across the street to brighten the road and draw people into the area. 

This redesign and overall adjustments to Main Street are meant to combine the historical aspect of the street with the artistic side of Midvale to create an amalgamation of two sides of Midvale into one street. λ