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Midvale Journal

Midvale City looks to expand the usage of local trails

Sep 08, 2023 11:46AM ● By Annabelle Larsen

An aerial view of the Jordan River and its accompanying trail. (Image courtesy of Midvale City)

Midvale City may be working toward revamping the Jordan River Trails, making it into a multi-modal path that would be used for non-automotive traffic such as bicycles, golf carts, pedestrians and skaters. Midvale is currently working on a feasibility study for this project and making sure that this new endeavor for the city would be able to create a path that is safe, accessible, comfortable and convenient for all residents and visitors. This feasibility study will cover the canal trails along the East Jordan and into the Salt Lake City canals as well. 

The funding for this project has come from Midvale City applying to the Salt Lake County Tourism, Recreation, Culture and Convention (TRCC) Support Program and was awarded $240,000 for the development of local canal trails, and another $600,000 was awarded in the form of a grant from the Transportation Investment Fund. 

Assistant City Manager Nate Rockwood stated that UDOT has done a generalized feasibility study, and that from this study they were able to find it as a feasible project, which then granted the city the money for this endeavor. Rockwood said, “The tricky part of this process is to deal with all the different canal companies.” He also mentioned that this project will need to be worked in phases if it is going to be successful.

Since quite a bit of money has been directed toward Midvale City, concerns have been raised. Councilmember Dustin Gettel stated he is in favor of improving trails; but to make sure the money is being spent wisely. 

Although the funding is there, and the feasibility study is underway, there are still concerns from residents about this new possible development. One such community member stated at a city council meeting the concerns of her and her neighbors. Those concerns included the possible destruction of the wildlife habitat that has grown in this area over the years, including several 60-year-old trees. There have also been concerns of vandalism and theft in the areas near the canal trails as they would be more accessible to everyone. λ