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Midvale Journal

Huskies bring spirit back into school

Aug 10, 2023 01:24PM ● By Julie Slama

One of the common post-COVID comments high school administrators say is a lack of school involvement and spirit. 

Hillcrest High student body officers heard that this past year and through a year-long spirit challenge, changed the feeling of the school. 

Senior Vivia Wahlquist, who served as student body secretary, said she liked putting up “hundreds of posters/decorations up to make the school feel like a school” not just a building. 

Through various fun races and games and attending school events, each class grade challenged itself to bring in the most points to win the first Spirit Bowl title. 

“The Spirit Bowl was a huge success and really brought the school together after three really rough years,” Wahlquist said. “We worked so hard the whole year to actually keep it going and it truly paid off in the end.” 

While the entire student body won in the end with increased spirit schoolwide, it was the junior class who pulled out the official victory on the last day of competition, to win a catered lunch and a “gold toilet” trophy. λ