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Free Comcast lift zones provide hotspot connections across the state

Jun 09, 2022 09:50AM ● By Peri Kinder

Access to internet connection can mean the difference between staying ahead or falling behind. As the COVID-19 crisis demonstrated, families without access to the internet struggled to keep kids engaged with online school and remote work became a challenge.

To address digital equity, Comcast has equipped more than 30 locations across Utah with free Wi-Fi Lift Zones to get students and adults online. 

“We are committed to digital inclusivity for all Utahns no matter where they live or their financial status,” said Deneiva Knight, external affairs director, Comcast Utah. “Offering free Wi-Fi Lift Zones with Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, which provides internet services to low-income customers, is a huge step toward connecting students and adults to online resources in safe, reliable locations.”

Working with a network of nonprofit, community, and city partners, Comcast added Lift Zones in its service areas including West Valley, Millcreek, Murray and Bountiful. Lift Zones will complement Comcast’s Internet Essential program, which has helped connect more than 160,000 low-income Utahns to the internet at home.

Since 2019, Comcast has worked with Utah partners to install free internet services to sites, which provide low-income students with a space to participate in distance learning and complete homework. Adults are also using Lift Zones to work remotely, apply for jobs, and learn digital skills, all at no cost.

“Community partners and organizations that align with our promise to create a dynamic community are leveraging South Salt Lake’s three Lift Zones,” said Lucas Horns, a City of South Salt Lake employee. “It is enhancing resources around the city and promoting a sense of community at the same time. What’s more, Comcast’s Lift Zone has become a hub for small businesses and other organizations to use.”

A full list of Utah Lift Zone locations can be found at

“Increasingly, broadband access has become vitally important for Utahns across the state,” said Knight. “Combining more Lift Zones and the groundbreaking Internet Essentials program…not only makes sense, it’s a game changer. It literally opens a new world for students’ educational opportunities and for adults to connect online for better employment, something that was out of reach before.” λ