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Food trucks may roll onto Main Street if city says yes to plaza

May 29, 2022 01:56PM ● By Erin Dixon

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

Midvale City has put a lot of money and work into reviving Main Street turning the old museum into an art house and paying artists to cover building walls in murals. Both ventures are works in progress.

Nate Rockwood, Midvale community development director, is behind the push for improvements on Main Street. 

Just north of Midvale City Hall and Main Street is a space filled with lawn that is never used. Rockwood suggested the city turn the space into a plaza, with trees, seating and open concrete, that would regularly host food trucks and other events to help bring people to Main Street and business to the area.

“I like to look at other ways the city can participate other than just…infrastructure and parking, which are hugely important but not always the most exciting things,” Rockwood said.

Food trucks tend to bring a crowd. More people in the area encourages business.

“There are developers on the north end of Main Street waiting for things to take off,” Rockwood said. 

For summer 2022, the city is hosting a food truck gathering on Holden Street, without the built-in plaza. If there is community support, the city will consider building the plaza.

On the Facebook group Midvale residents, there was resounding support for the idea. Over two dozen residents voiced their support.

“Food trucks, concerts, farmers market, artwork, is an absolute must and go-to for our family,” resident Glenette Romero said. “We'll be there.”

The city’s goal for the food truck plaza is to use empty space around city hall, make Main Street more visible and desirable, including public art, festival type lighting and seating.

The space will be able to hold seven food trucks at a time.

The city is partnering with The Food Truck League, a business that manages food truck events.

“[We will] bring food trucks to the parking lot for the summer to get a feel for what the market is,” Eliot Steimle, The Food Truck League operations manager said.

Food truck events usually draw people locally, but many people travel across the county to get to them.