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Midvale launches public engagement website

Apr 30, 2022 11:30AM ● By Erin Dixon

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

Midvale City communications launched a new website, Engage Midvale, geared toward resident communication and education.

Communications Director, Laura Magness, is the driver behind the project.

“My goal is to make the city as transparent as possible,” Magness said, “and include the community in decision making.”

The website includes surveys about upcoming projects, like redistricting and State Street renovations, information about bulk waste and a forum where city employees will answer questions from the public.

Two of the residents who took surveys on Engage Midvale had mixed responses.

“It was OK, not overly fantastic,” Kelley Cantrell said. “There were spelling and grammar mistakes and…I don't like surveys where the only answers are what they want you to answer.”

“As for the effort to get input in an easy convenient manner, I applaud the intent,” Cantrell said.

“I think outreach is good,” Lexi Lumen said. “I don’t think people can complain if they don’t try to do anything.”

“I think there’s easy access to city outreach but in cases where I’ve had questions it’s been easy to find or resolve/be pointed in the right direction,” Lumen said.

“City Speak” and “Citizen Agenda” is aimed at educating residents about the lingo, the tough terms, used in council meetings. “City Speak” is a glossary of terms, “Citizen Agenda” will be updated every council meeting with a clear, unencumbered agenda for residents.

Other ways Midvale is working on outreach is putting events on a public billboard, paying for Facebook ads that target residents, and including information in the City Journal and in utility bills.