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Millcreek receives $1,700 to support local artists

Feb 22, 2022 09:22PM ● By Bridget Raymundo

Framed photographs from the January show highlight a number of local photographers whose images were selected for a 2022 printed calendar with the theme of urban wilderness. (Photo courtesy Kate Scribner)

By Bridget Raymundo | [email protected]

The Millcreek Library, the Millcreek Arts Council (MAC), and the Artists Relations Committee have joined together to host monthly art shows called “Getting Visual at the Library.” Within the month the art is displayed at the library, the committee opens a one-night reception for the artist to celebrate with the community. The free reception is at the library on the first Friday of the month from 6-7 p.m. with light refreshments and live music.  

Since the pandemic limited social gatherings, the events were temporarily discontinued. Then, in October 2021, the MAC reopened the event and welcomed hundreds of art-loving library patrons throughout the month. Some 25 attendees were present at the art receptions.

With the grant provided by the Millcreek City Council, MAC intends to develop the offerings in 2022 through increasing numbers of attendees present for art receptions and creating artist-focused thank-you cards. By focusing on a growing social media presence to extend to further reaches of the public, they hope to host more people at the receptions. Musicians would also be paid to perform as a motivation for a larger marketing pool. The thank-you cards will be sent to sponsors, artists in participation and community partnerships. To support the artists at Millcreek, the art at the library would make for a fitting front for the cards given permission from the creator. The back of the cards would include the artist’s bio.

Bonneville Research thoroughly analyzed the benefits of the “Getting Visual at the Library” proposal as is customary procedure before allotting city grants to nonprofit organizations. The grant would offer up to $1,700 to the event management distributions. The study is available for public viewing online with one clarification: On page three under the Analysis, rather than “The Millcreek Senior Center Advisory Committee advisory” there is supposed to be “The Millcreek Arts Council” is a 501(c)(3).

Altogether, the analysis concluded the appropriation was worthy since it would connect residents to the work of local artists from a diverse range of styles, mediums, themes and cultural backgrounds. The event would also encourage more visits to the local library, support local artists, open up discussions with artists and the community, and incorporate intermodal art engagement through the combination of music and visual art.

At the recent Millcreek City Council Meeting, Rita Lund, the director of Community Relations in Millcreek, presented the event details and the purpose for the grant. She stated the funding would be used to pay a small stipend for the artists involved and provide for snacks at the monthly receptions.

Mayor Jeff Silvestrini also mentioned the receptions showcased musical artists playing for the public and offered local artists an opportunity for publicity through the cards purchased. In regards to the grant, the mayor said, “It enriches the culture of our community by having an event at the Millcreek Library and also encourages arts in Millcreek which is laudable.”

The grant of up to $1,700 is a nominal amount with significant impact according to the mayor. It passes within the communications budget, so the grant will not be an expense to be made in addition. At the conclusion of the hearing and discussion, the “Getting Visual at the Library” appropriation was passed unanimously by the city council.

Artist who would like to be involved can find the application online: