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Midvale council sets goals on crime reduction, communication boost

Sep 13, 2021 11:12AM ● By Erin Dixon

Midvale City set some goals this year, from communicating more with residents to improving bike lanes. (Photo/Midvale City)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

Midvale City manager Matt Dahl presented the City Council goals to the public in July. These projects have been accounted for in the current budget and don’t require more money.

A big goal is to “reduce crime on 7200 South corridor through enforcement, investment, development and engagement,” Dahl said. “We do a fee study that we hope to use to encourage businesses throughout the city.”

The next goal is to “enhance the appearance of public and private property through investment, incentives and enforcement,” Dahl said. “Our process has been a relatively soft process. We will be coming to you in the future with a plan for ways that may make it a little stricter process in order to get some of these weeds and junk dealt with in a faster fashion.”

“This is a difficult one, every day I have someone call that they are mad at me because we are not hard enough on people who have weeds and junk, and the following call will be someone who is mad because we are too hard on people,” Dahl said. 

City Journals covered more on this topic in this article:

Communication with residents is another goal. “[We’re looking for] how to increase the information we’re sending out,” Dahl said. “Emails of what the results of a council meeting were, things like that. We have done some things that are new. We did signage in the streets and social media. We also had an interpreter [at the open house for water rates].

“Our hope is that we’ll continue to get more Spanish speakers.”

Building a public recreation center is a long-term goal. “We have been in regular communication with Salt Lake County. [We’re in] meetings to make sure they are on track for the 2027 ZAP (Zoo, Arts & Parks) fund,” Dahl said.

The city is also planning on improving active transportation with trails and bike lanes. 

This is not a complete list of Midvale City goals. More information on the July 20 city council meeting can be found on YouTube.