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Midvale senior center update

Jan 29, 2020 01:15PM ● By Erin Dixon

Remember the old senior center in Midvale Park? It’s getting a facelift this year. (Erin Dixon/City Journals)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

When you go to Harvest Days this year, you will find a whole new community center and museum.

“In an effort to update and repurpose the former Senior Center the city staff are proposing to remodel it and construct some additional...connecting facilities. There will be a pavilion, kitchen connected to the pavilion…There’ll be a stage, the museum will be moving there…new roof, new plumbing, HVAC, electrical. We’ll remove the existing stage and replace it with one that’s ADA [accessible]. Remodel the restrooms, landscape and low-flow irrigation,” Glen Kennedy, Public Works director, said. 

“It’s a complete rebuild and a complete overhaul with the intent to provide a place for residents where they can gather for group activities and family celebrations and other events,” Kennedy said.

Construction has begun and is projected to finish a week or two before Harvest Days. Kennedy said their deadline is July 10. 

This project has been discussed for two years, and Public Works even collected construction quotes last summer, but there was only one response at the time. 

“We held off until Dec. 3 and went out with an RFP (Request for Proposal) and got 11 responses. I believe it came in at a lower cost because they’re looking for wintertime work,” Kennedy said. 

“We did go out with an RFQ in June and had only one response.”  

The three major criteria were price, approach to the project and prior experience. Based on the evaluation, Paulsen Construction was determined to be the most responsible bidder. “We have not worked with Paulsen Construction before, we have called references and have [had] positive feedback,” Kennedy said. 

Paulsen Construction also gave the lowest bid than the 10 others who submitted proposals. 

Their bid was $1,301,509, which was less than the budget of $1,385,000.00.