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Behind the Journals: who are we?

Nov 20, 2019 03:04PM ● By Bryan Scott

Hey there, Bryan Scott here. I’m the Creative Director here at the City Journals. What is the City Journals? Glad you asked. 

The City Journals is a business that produces monthly newspapers for 14 (and counting) cities across the Salt Lake Valley. While each paper has a slightly different name (the Sandy Journal, the West Jordan Journal, etc.) they all come from the same place.

We provide those newspapers to the community for free, mailing a copy of each month’s paper to the homes that lie in each respective city. We have to write a big check to our friends at the post office, but they do a great job for us. If you ever see your postal carrier, you should remind them how awesome it is to get your mail each day.

We cover stories that are important to you but don’t often get picked up by the Salt Lake area’s daily newspapers or TV stations due to their broader focus. 

We focus on news like city council meetings. Are your city councilors planning to approve a new housing development in your backyard? Are they considering a property tax raise to pay for more police officers? 

Or stories about your children’s schools like which teachers and coaches are making a difference in your community?

And of course, you can find our writers at the fun community events that bring people together throughout the year as we report on those unique things that make each city a great place to live!

Like any other business, we have to make money, which means that another big part of what we do is work with local businesses, particularly those that see the value of advertising with a community-minded local newspaper. 

And you wanna know something pretty neat? Even though people like to say “print is dead,” we’re actually growing pretty rapidly over here at the City Journals. While local daily newspapers across the country are shutting down, we’ve managed to expand into new cities and double the number of our employees in the last few years. These team members are the best part of my job; we have built a solid team over the last few years, each member of the team playing their role in creating these papers each month.

And you wanna know something else? We believe our best days are still yet to come as we continue to improve our reporting, form new relationships with local businesses, and make an even bigger impact in our communities. 

Of course, we couldn’t do any of this without our readers, like you. Thank you for being an engaged member of your community, for being informed, and for caring.