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Midvale spa gives free treatments to cancer patients and caregivers Nov. 5

Nov 11, 2019 03:31PM ● By Heather Lawrence

By Heather Lawrence | [email protected]

On Nov. 5, Sego Lily Spa at 7475 S. Union Park Ave. in Midvale will participate in a nationwide event called Sparks of Light. The event encourages spas to donate services to people who are battling cancer and to their caregivers. 

“This is my first year as spa director, and I am really excited to be a part of this day. I’ve heard such good feedback about past years. It’s a very emotional day for people,” said Alisa Draper, spa director for Sego Lily. 

In addition to the Midvale location, the Bountiful and Layton locations will also participate. To sign up, call the spa and make an appointment for Nov. 5 between noon and 6 p.m. The services offered this year are a 60-minute massage, pedicure or facial. 

The Sparks of Light project was started nationally by Vicky Weis. Several years ago, she watched her mother Faye battle lung cancer. She noticed that when she’d rub her feet or paint her nails, the human touch made her feel much better. 

Draper said she believes in that healing power. “It’s the human touch. Touch heals. There are many studies that talk about it. It helps you feel connected to another human, and that connection that you get with something like a spa service can make all the difference,” Draper said. 

Patients are also encouraged to bring in one of their caregivers for a free service. “The caregivers suffer, too, between the stress of caring for someone and taking them to appointments. It’s a huge commitment, and you’re constantly giving to someone else. Caregivers need the love, too. They need someone to take care of them,” Draper said. 

To give their clients the best service, Draper said they need to bring in a note from their doctor stating that they’re cleared to receive the service. Notes can also be sent electronically. And anyone receiving spa services needs to fill out an intake form, so Draper said it’s a good idea to arrive several minutes early. 

Draper also said they are mindful of patients who can’t tolerate strong smells. “The spa itself will not have a strong smell. If you’re sensitive to smells, let the person on the phone know and let your therapist know. We just had a meeting to talk about the products we use and how the seasonal ones may be too strong for our Sparks of Light clients. We can cater our products to anyone’s needs. We want to give them the best service we can,” Draper said. 

Most of the spa staff chooses to donate their service. “As a staff, we encourage [therapists] to donate their time. We will pay them just the same for their time if they choose, but most of them say no. They want to donate,” Draper said. 

Draper said there are still appointments open, and people can call 801-566-2502 to schedule their pedicure, massage or facial. “This [event] is life changing. You’re going through hell and it’s nice to have someone make you feel good. I’ve heard so many positive stories, and I’m very excited to be a part of it,” Draper said.