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Midvale Journal

City working on improvements to Midvale Main Street

Oct 21, 2019 02:37PM ● By Erin Dixon

Main Street Theatre is one of the few open businesses on Main Street. (Erin Dixon/City Journals)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

Midvale Main Street is lined with a live theatre, boarded up windows, new shops, stores that have been in place for a decade, and a weed or two. 

Matt Dahl, community development director, explained that the condition of Main Street is a big concern to the city, and this year they are beginning to make efforts to spur the growth along the street. 

“Late last year we approved the Main Street small area plan….What we were looking to do in this first year is tackle the infrastructure issues, try to work on getting more activity by stakeholders (residents and business owners) on the street,” Dahl said.

Some of the immediate needs were met this year, and were as simple as replacing burned out lights, tempering of crime, fixing street paving, pulling weeds and trimming overgrown trees. 

“We’ve done the tree trimming, we’re increasing the amount of sweeping we’re doing, street lights that have gone out. Part of that effort by the city is by doing cosmetic work, such as pulling weeds and trimming trees; taking care of city-owned property,” Dahl said. “The end goal we think that this could be an activity center for both local and regional draw, unique and active retail uses.”

Tammy Ross, owner of Midvale Main Street Theatre, said progress is slow but she is optimistic. 

“The city has communicated its plans to me, via personal phone calls as well as a meeting. They have begun to follow through on their ideas, however, it has been a long and slow process. We are now seeing street repairs and trees trimmed back. I would love to see community events planned on the street as well as new restaurants and boutiques,” Ross said. 

Ross added that she has not seen any real improvement in her business because of these changes, however, she said, “I am hopeful that these changes will continue to attract some great new businesses to the street…”

Dahl hopes in the future to attract a large business anchor to the area.

“The private community is waiting to see who the first real new retail business that’s going to go in there, what is the big draw going to be. We’re hearing from the property owners, they want to do things but they want to see the first thing that can show that the opportunity is there,” Dahl said. 

The near future includes more small investments in moving dumpsters, burying power lines and keeping the streets clean, and hosting more street programs that make the area seem more friendly. The further future could bring redevelopment agency program incentives and larger developments in the nearby area.