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The one who pays the bills: New Midvale treasurer

Aug 29, 2019 10:18AM ● By Erin Dixon

David Stenquist was sworn in early August as the new Midvale City treasurer. (Erin Dixon/City Journals)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

Midvale’s bills are now in David Stenquist’s hands. 

Stenquist was appointed the new city treasurer in early August. 

“The treasurer position is required by state law to be the custodian of the funds of the city and to ensure that money is correctly received in and paid out by the city,” Stenquist said. 

“A majority of my time will be working with the utility billing and other departments to ensure that revenue is received and the meter reading systems are working correctly,” he said. 

Bryce Haderlie, the assistant city manager, is eager to have Stenquist on board. 

“David’s experienced in financial data analysis, computer and software integration and has an ability to work well with others. We consider ‘good fit’ to be as critical as the skills and education necessary...and we feel that David meets those expectations.”

For members of the public interested in how Midvale spends tax dollars, they should know that the state requires that every dollar be documented and that information be easily accessible. Stenquist insists that he will do his best to make every transaction transparent. 

“Some people feel that government spending is very wasteful, but cities are required by law to get competitive quotes and bids as well as keep detailed records of expenditures,” Stenquist said. 

“We are always looking to improve efficiency, transparency and customer service. By doing these three things, my hope would be that... the line of communication and the flow of ideas can take place, impacting all that live and work in the city for the better,” he said. 

Stenquist’s career is rounded out by altruism and a desire to serve others. 

“While in school, learning about all the moving parts of local government, how important it is to maintain relations and keep a balanced budget. While these are all important and fascinating, being a public servant and serving a community of people is what I loved the most.”