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Q & A with former Midvale Assistant City Manager Laurie Harvey

Feb 26, 2019 02:09PM ● By Justin Adams

Laurie Harvey resigned her position as assistant city manager and now works for UTOPIA. (Courtesy Midvale City)

By Erin Dixon | [email protected]

Laurie Harvey served Midvale City for 20 years starting in July 1998. In January 2019 she took an opportunity with UTOPIA as their chief financial officer. Read about her service and contributions to Midvale over the past two decades.

What were your responsibilities on a daily basis?

“[I] served as assistant city manager supporting City Manager Kane Loader. [I] oversaw finance and accounting, information technology, and justice court. [I] prepared and monitored [the] city budget.”

What were some of the larger projects you worked on?

“The analysis leading up to the 2012 decision to join Unified Fire Authority and the Unified Police Department. While the financial savings to the city were significant, moving away from having our own fire and police was difficult and challenging. In hindsight, it was a good decision. Many of the Midvale firefighters and police officers stayed within Midvale, and service from both agencies has been excellent. 

“Producing the city’s first Comprehensive Annual Financial Report in 2015. I worked closely with Dalin Hackett, assistant finance director, to compile statistical reports that accompany the audited financial statements. We received the Government Financial Officers Association commendation for Excellence in Financial Reporting in 2015 and each year since. 

Finally, being part of the development of former Superfund sites into Bingham Junction and most recently Jordan Bluffs.”      

What were your biggest contributions to the city? 

“My commitment to serving Midvale citizens and businesses and making sure that their tax dollars were spent wisely.”

What were your biggest challenges?

“Sometimes feeling that the hard work of dedicated Midvale City employees was underappreciated. I saw firsthand how much the city workers cared, and unfortunately we most often heard from residents who were unhappy. It meant a lot to each of us when our efforts were noticed and when we felt we were making life in Midvale a little better each day.”

Why did you decide to leave?  

“I have been involved with UTOPIA in some capacity since 2002, as a member of their finance committee or on the UTOPIA or UIA board. When UTOPIA’s CFO retired after many years of service, I saw an opportunity to bring my local government expertise to an agency with a mission I have embraced.” 

What do you see for Midvale's future?

“Continued growth under excellent leadership. Midvale is a city with a big heart. Cultural diversity is one of its strengths. All of the cities on the Wasatch Front are struggling with a shortage of affordable housing and finding a balance between tradition and the future is tricky.  It’s been encouraging to see better attendance at City Council meetings recently. The best decisions are made when everyone is informed.”

The new assistant city manager and administrative services director is Bryce Haderlie. He has worked as assistant city manager for Cottonwood Heights and West Jordan, and community development for Brigham City.