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Midvale Boys & Girls Club honors its youth and partner of the year

May 08, 2018 10:28AM ● By Justin Adams

Chris Hase of the Midvale Mining Café was recognized by the Midvale Boys & Girls Club as its Community Partner of the Year. (Megan Skuster/Boys & Girls Club)

By Heather Sky |

The importance of community has not been lost on the residents of Midvale.

Each day more than 1,500 local kids and teens benefit from the safe spaces, caring mentors, friendships, and life-changing opportunities provided by the Boys & Girls Club. It’s not hard to see why club members feel like they’ve discovered a sense of belonging within this nationwide organization.

 An example is 17-year-old Luis Martinez, who was named Youth of the Year in 2018 by the Midvale Boys & Girls Club. The purpose of this recognition program is to acknowledge a local youth who proved their ability to overcome adversity and cultivate positive leadership abilities within their own community.

“My freshman year I was going on the bad path, and I failed all of my classes,” Martinez said. “I realized I messed up, so the club really helped me stay on track.” Being involved with the Boys & Girls Club helped turn his life around by offering a safe and affordable place to connect to other teens his age during after-school hours.

He was presented with the award during National Boys & Girls Club week. From April 9-13, hundreds of open houses were held across the country in order to raise awareness about the positive impact these clubs have on youth across the nation.

Not only do they hold a ceremony to recognize the Youth of The Year, but to show their appreciation for the Community Partner of the Year. This year the award was extended to Chris Hase, owner of Midvale Mining Cafe and long-time sponsor of the Midvale Boys & Girls Club.

Hase said the organization’s presence in the community is essential and why he contributes.

“(The club) needed to be here. It took us 10 years from the day we decided to build this building to get this thing up and going. Everybody can have an idea about something…what you need is individuals, partners, corporations and businesses that actually get this done. And that’s why we have this building. It gives these kids a safe place to be. So, when you get an opportunity to give to your community, it’s very important that you do. This is my town, and I’m very proud to have Midvale in the name of my business.” Hase also serves on the Midvale Boys & Girls Club board of directors. 

The Boys & Girls Club of America offers a wide variety of innovative programs and experiences throughout the school year, as well as during the summer. Each club includes a staff of trained youth development professionals, committed to providing young people across the country with an opportunity to reach their full potential. For more information about the Midvale Boys & Girls Club, email [email protected] or call 801-256-9008.