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Happy 50th Tyler Library

Jun 22, 2017 11:10AM ● By Travis Barton

Tyler Library patrons were invited to write on cut-out hands why they love Midvale and the library. (Travis Barton/City Journals)

By Travis Barton | [email protected]
While the Tyler Library was celebrating its 50th anniversary reminiscing about Midvale, something else was happening: local patrons were making new memories.
The Midvale library commemorated its 1967 grand opening all month long in May. But it was highlighted by its festival on May 20 where the library featured everything from dance performances to K-9 demonstrations with lots of treats too including snow cones and cake.
“It’s been a really rewarding experience, this whole month has,” said Sarah Wegener, library manager.
Festivities also included a petting zoo with miniature pigs, donkey, chicken and a rabbit and a performance from local improv troupe Quick Wits.
“It’s been a good day making memories (with) a lot of things going on,” Wegener said.
Celebrations were for the city in which the library was built: Midvale. The Midvale Museum brought in photos displaying how the city has changed during the last 50 years. Whether it was former library managers or neighbors who’ve been frequenting the library for years, many came to share their best memories of the library.
“It’s been a great way for people to celebrate something that’s been here…they don’t realize how long we’ve been here or the fact that we’re still here,” Wegener said.
Dangling from string across the ceiling were hand cut-outs that patrons wrote on describing why they like Midvale or the library.
Darcy Brown is one of those patrons. She brought her two children to see the K-9 demonstration from Unified Police, but also spent time at a library she brings her kids to.
“(The library’s) a regular part of my week, bringing the kids, checking out books,” Brown said. “It’s nice to have something like this nearby especially with a day like today.”
May 20 wasn’t the only day to celebrate. Tyler Library had activities going on throughout the month with crafts, movies or displays. It’s been a time, Wegener said, for reflection.
“It helps people reflect on their own lives and so it’s sort of a time of thinking back on all of the things we’ve done, all the things we want to do, both as a library and as a community,” she said.
For Midvale resident Jeremy Brecker, it gives the city an anchor.
“It’s nice…the (library) being here so long shows that Midvale’s been a part of the valley for a long time and will continue to be,” he said.
Though the month came to an end, Wegener said it was a great experience.
“All my staff have been fabulous and we’ve all had a really good time with our patrons and we hope that the community has enjoyed it too,” she said.
The month also served as a launching point into the summer for the library as it starts its summer reading program called “Build a Better World.”
“I’m really getting excited about our community, and I think it’s gonna lead into a great summer,” Wegener said.