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Little Learners Academy

Dec 08, 2016 02:10PM ● By Bryan Scott

Little Learners Academy was founded by Launa Christiansen in 2000. She started the school after 14 years of working in preschools and private schools and being the director for two private schools.

Christiansen taught children of various ages but was an expert in early childhood education and decided to start a small preschool in her home. She called it Little Learners Academy and it started with one class of eight students. 

The second year it tripled to three classes; then doubled to six classes. LLA stayed in Christiansen’s home for six years with waiting lists each year. LLA moved into its current building in 2006 where they continue to grow and add more unique features to the school’s curriculum and programs. Christiansen says LLA is now one of the most highly regarded private preschools in Utah.

LLA offers a unique curriculum. Christiansen developed this curriculum through years of experience designing different educational curriculum programs. 

“I have a gift for writing extremely fun yet highly educational lesson plans and curriculum,” Christiansen said.

The curriculum is taught through music. Because of this specialized curriculum, students experience higher academic and social development. Her students have better retention and more skills going into “a big school.” 

“Social skills are just as important as academic skills,” Christiansen said. “Kindness, cooperation and teamwork are basic fundamentals just as alphabet, phonemic awareness, reading, writing, sciences and math are.”

LLA staff are partners with parents and appreciate input and involvement so much so that the building has one-way mirrored windows in every classroom for parents to observe their child’s experience at anytime. They also have an open door policy and “love parents who are involved.” 

Each teacher receives extensive training in early childhood education. Some have degrees in early childhood education while child development associate credentials are the staff’s most common certification. Additionally, teachers are trained to use music, instilling a love for learning and a strong foundation of confidence. 

Certified teachers teach Kidding Around Yoga, a fun, interactive way to use music and movement for learning. Christiansen believes a child who is engaged and having fun will be attentive and learn concepts more fully than just by being taught. 

LLA enrolls for fall classes and summer programs in January and February. Families can enroll anytime in the school year as long as openings are available. 

“We welcome parents who are looking for a preschool or private kindergarten to come in and visit us at our school or on our website, take a tour, learn all about what we do, what we offer and become a part of our Little Learners Academy family,” Christiansen said.