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Midvale Journal

Midvale Experiences a 200 Year Storm

Jul 15, 2016 10:20AM ● By Bryan Scott

Midvale City

On June 13th, Midvale City experienced one of the largest rain storms in the last few years. 

Within a five hour time period the City received almost 1.25” of rain. 

The pumping stations at the underpass’s on 8000 south, and Center Street were having a difficult time keeping up with the amount of water we received in that short amount of time. There were other areas in the City as well that had issues too. 

We would like to congratulate the Midvale City Public Works Department for their response to the issues and helping out where needed. 

Between the Unified Fire and Police responding to emergency calls, Public Works found themselves acting as traffic controllers trying to keep the flow of traffic moving in a safe manor. This was in addition to responding to the many calls they were receiving. 

I would ask Midvale City residents to “adopt” a storm drain. If you have a grate, or box near your home, please take the time to clean any debris from the surface and around the grate. If you don’t have the time to throw it in the trash can, place it on the park strip and give Public Works a call. They will notify someone and they can stop and pick it up when they are in the area. 

Remember that “We all live downstream”.