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As I See It

Jun 10, 2016 10:25AM ● By Bryan Scott

By  Mayor JoAnn B. Seghini

It is graduation season and I congratulate all who have worked hard to meet their goals to graduate from high schools and from colleges.  Graduation is important because it opens up many opportunities that people will have for work in the future.  Many of you have attended public schools and charter schools.  School funding has come from the State of Utah through income taxes paid by the citizens of Utah.  Our State Constitution states that public education through high school will be free to all students who live in Utah.  (I know that this does not cover special fees that may be charged for special school activities.)  Higher education students attending institutions must pay the individual student tuition money as well as paying for books and other fees that may be required for some kinds of classes. Many of our graduates have looked for scholarships which, when awarded, can help to pay college expenses.  

Many of you are heading for universities and colleges in Utah and throughout the United States. Students can be involved in a variety of colleges including medicine, architecture, earth science, social science, communications, education, technology, engineering, business to name few.  Some scholarships are available and some students apply for student loans. (Loans are usually very expensive in the long term.)  University and college programs take several years to complete. There are many schools and universities to help you continue your education. Stevens-Henagar College with a campus in Murray has given me two scholarships to award. You must be a high school graduate or have a GED.  The winner of these scholarships must enroll in and start a degree program no later than December 12, 2016 and the scholarship can only be used at Stevens-Henagar colleges.  This college offers programs in Healthcare, Business, Technology and Graphic Arts.  They offer an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree.  I am offering these scholarships to recent graduates or to older people who are high school graduates or has a GED and who may wish to continue their education.  The scholarship for someone seeking an associate’s degree is $15,000 and the scholarship for a bachelor’s degree is $25,000.  Educational programs at Steven-Henagar College can be done on campus and some work can be done on line. 

 If you are interested in applying for either of these scholarships you must write a letter indicating that you wish to be considered.  The letter will be addressed to Mayor JoAnn B. Seghini, Midvale City Hall, 7505 S. Holden Street, Midvale, UT   84047.  The  due date for your application letter is July 15, 2016. Scholarship will be awarded on August 3, 2016 at a special ceremony.  If you have questions about the programs available from Stevens-Henagar College you can call Craig Wallace, Director of Admissions-Salt Lake City Campus 801 281 7632.

Many students, men and women, may be interested in working in building trades.  All of the jobs related to construction and building have apprentice programs.  If you wish to be a plumber, an electrician, an iron worker, a mechanic for heating and air conditioning, or any of the many trades that support construction you can apply for the AFLCIO Apprentice Program.  If accepted into the apprentice program, you are paid a salary and you will have opportunities to learn and work toward a license.  This is open to men and to women. For women, an interesting web address is As a society those who work to support the trades are the ones who are very important to construction, home repair, building of homes and roads, and generally supporting the quality of life for our communities. For further information please contact: Phone: 801-972-2771