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Ski & Snowboard News / Snowbird: Tough terrain, best manners

Apr 03, 2016 09:18AM ● By Harriet Wallis

photo: Harriet Wallis

Snowbird is massive. It has steeps, moguls, and some of the toughest terrain on the planet. Of course it also has gentle terrain. But let's look at its macho side. Snowbird's white knuckle terrain draws macho skiers and riders.

But that's where Snowbird's macho image ends. Snowbird sets the standard for common sense and courtesy.

Skiing there recently I noticed a major difference between Snowbird and other resorts.

Snowbird's skiers and riders virtually always call out when passing: "On your left" or "On your right." It's common sense, it's courteous, and It's good for safety.

The fastest moving, most macho skiers and riders set the standard. Rather than just blasting past, they put their macho egos aside and alerted the lesser skiers and riders who might freak out as they'd shoot past. Calling out seemed to be universal across the mountain.

Kudos to Snowbird skiers and riders. Other resorts should foster such common sense and courtesy.