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Galaxy Academy Coaches Children in Gymnastics

Mar 09, 2016 12:52PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Midvale - Starting at 20 months old, children can learn the basics of gymnastics at Galaxy Academy of Gymnastics. Held year round at the Copperview Recreation Center, the coed classes are divided by age group until the child reaches 6 years old. After that, the classes divide by ability.

The academy has been going on at Copperview Recreation Center since 1990 and has expanded to other recreation centers around the valley. 

“It’s a fun recreation program that teaches correct gymnastics,” Rennly Williams, the owner and head coach of Galaxy Academy of Gymnastics, said. “Kids can do gymnastics without paying exorbitant prices.”

Williams started teaching gymnastics at local high schools. She then started teaching at Copperview under another woman’s program. The program was then handed over to Williams. Under her guidance, the program has flourished and has expanded to four other recreation centers. 

“People would move to different recreation centers, but they really liked my program, so they asked me come teach,” Williams said. “It’s really been word of mouth. They’ve all come to me.”

There are three basic levels in the program and three advanced levels. The first basic program, called Little Dippers, is for children ages 20 months to 3 years. Williams said the class is a parent participation class where she not only teaches the young children crawling, rolling, jumping and balance but also teaches the parents how to spot their child. 

“I teach them how to be mini coaches,” Williams said.

In addition to the gymnastic skills, the kids are also taught things like how to take turns and follow directions. 

The next group is called Little Martians and is for kids ages 3 to 5 years old. Williams said the class does a lot of the same things the Little Dipper class does but without parent involvement. The kids also learn how to do cartwheels and handstands. Props are also used to teach the kids how to complete the gymnastics.

The final basic level class is Shooting Stars and is for kids ages 6 and up. 

“This is for more serious gymnastics,” Williams said. 

The kids learn tricks on the balance beam and learn how to use the vault.

After the Shooting Stars class are the Comets, Rocketeers and Jedi-Gymnasts. These classes are advanced classes and are invitation only. 

“The skills get more complicated,” Williams said. “They learn round-offs and back handsprings.”

Every year, all the classes except the Little Dippers put on a program for parents. 

“Each kid learns a routine and performs it in front of friends and family,” Williams said. “Afterward, they get a certificate and a trophy.”

If her students are interested in competing in an advanced level, Williams helps them find a more advanced program to enroll in. 

One program Williams is eager to get started again is adaptive gymnastics. This program is for kids with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Williams started it a few years ago, but there weren’t enough students to sustain the program. Williams said there has been renewed interest, so she hopes she will be able to start up the program again. 

Each class is a seven-week, year- round program.

“As long as there is space, people can sign up any time,” Williams said.

For more information, visit     or call Williams at 801-870-5511.