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Midvalley Elementary Fundraiser Raises Money, Leaves Principal on the Roof

Dec 07, 2015 08:50AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Stephanie Lauritzen

Midvale - During the months of September and October, students at Midvalley Elementary sold chocolate boxes from World’s Finest Chocolate in order to help meet their PTA fundraising goals. For every goal accomplished, school faculty participated in a fun activity -- from dressing up as ballerinas, to holding a lip syncing competition in the main office. 

When students reached their overall fundraising goal, they were rewarded with a prize assembly on Oct. 23, while their principal fulfilled his promise to spend the night sleeping on the roof on Oct. 29. PTA president Barbara Hake called the fundraiser a “huge success,” and believes the activities helped students “feel like they are an important part of our school. We want the students to know that we couldn’t do all our fun activities without their help.” 

In order to motivate students to reach their fundraising goals, each grade picked a reward to be fulfilled by teachers and faculty. The first rewards were simple; the cafeteria ladies served lunch dressed as ballerinas, and teachers wore their pajamas to school. As students raised more money, they were allowed to duct-tape a favorite teacher, Mr. Shaw, to the cafeteria wall and throw pies at him. 

But the biggest reward involved Principal Nalwalker spending a rainy night sleeping on the school’s roof.  In order to prove he kept his word, Nalwalker live-streamed the event online from his tent and chatted with students. Some students drove by the school with their families to make sure Mr. Nalwalker stayed on the roof, and his adventure was featured on Fox 13 News. Despite the silly and fun nature of the fundraising activities, Hake said that allowing students to help their school teaches an important lesson. 

“Sometimes kids don’t get to experience that feeling of accomplishment outside school.  By allowing them to see the results of their hard work, we help them feel important,” Hake said.

 The PTA plans to use their funds in order to finance school traditions, including Family Classic Skate Night, the Reflections contest, Teacher Appreciation Week and the end-of-year carnival.