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Man Laid More than One Brick for Win at Competition

Oct 08, 2015 01:17PM ● By Rhett Wilkinson

Dayne Carter and Scott Tuttle after Tuttle won the 2015 Bricklayer 500 Utah regional championship. Carter was Tuttle’s mason tender, which refines bricks. Photo courtesy Nick Blohowiak

By Rhett Wilkinson

West Jordan - Scott Tuttle certainly laid more than a brick. In fact, he laid 579 of them – in an hour. Tuttle’s accomplishment in laying down house-like bricks in late August at Bricklayer 500 competition means that he will advance to the national competition February in Las Vegas. The contest took place at Interstate Brick in West Jordan.

Tuttle hoped to lay 570 bricks but he actually laid 679 before 100 were disqualified.

“Either way,” Tuttle said, “it’s a good win.”

Quality is a key to not have bricks disqualified. The winner last year laid 743 bricks in order to win a bulky Ford truck. So Tuttle’s focus in preparing for the national competition is quality.

“Right now, my quality isn’t high enough,” Tuttle said.

Tuttle’s mason tender, or assistant, was Dayne Carter. Carter has helped establish the tournament in the Salt Lake area. Tuttle and his brother Brian have competed for 12 years. It’s commonplace for participants to alternate as a layer and tender and Tuttle has done both equally.

Bricklayer 500 is a national competition. Teams have one hour to lay as many bricks as possible. Bricks are disqualified unless they are level, have joints of certain thickness, reaches certain height requirements and other quality standards, SpecMix Natonal Manager Nick Blohowiak said. SpecMix sponsored Bricklayer 500.