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Midvale Middle School, Arson Suspected

Aug 13, 2015 03:51PM ● By Bryan Scott

Midvale Middle School Arson Suspected

  By Lewi Lewis

 Part of the abandoned building that until just recently served as Midvale Middle School was set ablaze on the night of July 25. 

   Residents who live near the school made calls into authorities when they noticed a rising column of smoke that could be viewed from across the valley. 

   Firefighters battled flames on the north side of the school that were coming out of the gymnasium and swimming pool area, Unified Fire Authority Spokesman Dave Ulibarri said. 

   Arson is suspected due to the fact that no electrical was in the building even though an arson dog gave no indication about accelerants. 

   The investigation has been handed over to the State Fire Marshalls. 

   Although the building was already undergoing demolition, there is an urgency to find those responsible, Deputy State Fire Marshal Kim Passey said, because “If someone was willing to go into a vacant building and start a fire, that’s many times the first stages of somebody who won’t stop at just that.”

   As to what charges, if caught, the suspects will face, Passey was unsure. “There are several laws involved from arson to trespassing,” She said. “As to which the person or persons will be charged is up to the city/county prosecutors.”

  Passey has asked that anyone with information about the fire to contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal at (801)-284-6350 and an investigator will follow up with a return call.