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Midvale Boys and Girls Club gets warm soles from Jordan Credit Union

Tuesday, December 04, 20121379 views

For many of the children at the Midvale Boys and Girls Club, new shoes aren’t a luxury; they are a necessity.

Once again this year, Jordan Credit Union is participating in the Warm the Soles program with other credit unions around the state to donate money for new shoes and other necessities for children at the Midvale club.

Last year, Jordan Credit Union members raised more than $11,000 to purchase new shoes for children at the Sandy Club and the Midvale Boys and Girls Club.

Jordan Credit Union CEO Jim Hofeling said the program has been going on for more than 10 years and has helped hundreds of children get the shoes they need.

“Our goal is to provide shoes for children at both clubs,” he said. “These children deserve the chance to be normal and have a pair of shoes they really like and that they desperately need.”

This year’s fundraising drive began at the end of October and ran through the first week of December. Hofeling said the majority of the donations come from Jordan Credit Union members, but anyone is welcome to donate to the program. Jordan Credit Union staff will visit the Midvale Club on Wednesday, Dec. 12, to deliver the shoes.

Many of the children at the club rely on the shoes. Midvale Teen Program Director Bree Toom said for a lot of the children, it is the only pair of new shoes they will get all year.

“It’s so great that people are willing to donate money to purchase these new shoes for our kids,” Toom said. “We get asked by club members and parents if there are new shoes coming every year. It’s something they really look forward to and it makes a huge difference in the children’s lives.”

The Warm the Soles program asks for monetary donations and not shoe donations. The program purchases brand-new shoes so that parents can exchange them if they don’t fit.

“Most of these children are wearing the shoes we gave them last year, and most of them don’t have socks to go with them,” Toom said.

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